We design, build and manage landscape projects; bringing concepts and ideas to reality. We are a diverse team, and we bring a wide range of experiences and skills to every project.  

Jesse Young, founder and president of Landwise, launched the company in 2009 literally from the ground up. Since that time he has steadily been building a reputation for Landwise as a premier Design / Build company based in Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Young began his career in traditional masonry construction 20 years ago under the direction of renowned landscape designer and mason Charles Seha.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University he went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver in 2003. Following graduation he worked for five years as a staff landscape architect at Sage Design Group, a site planning and landscape architectural firm in Denver.

In 2009 Mr. Young culminated his design and construction experience by founding Landwise, with the intention of creating a company that provides start to finish services of the highest quality, integrity, and craft.


Hunter White received his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Montana State University. After receiving his degree, Hunter worked for a small design/build company in Bozeman, Montana. He then moved to Chicago where he was an operations manager for the landscape firm of Brickman for three years. During his time in Chicago, Hunter developed an interest in downtown park and plaza spaces in dense urban environments.

Hunter decided to further his studies at the University of Colorado Denver, earning a Master’s of Landscape Architecture degree and becoming LEED accredited. During his time at CU Denver, Hunter was the president of the student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, through which he met Landwise owner Jesse Young. The design/build concept appealed to Hunter, so he jumped on board with Jesse in May 2014. 

Brian Willer takes care of Landwise’s masonry and hardscape needs. If it has stone, brick, concrete, or tile, Brian is the guy! Brian got his start in masonry in California working as an apprentice to two expert masons from England. Brian honed his skills during his nine years as an apprentice, creating a diverse portfolio of projects, including a bathtub with a fireplace at the end. Always wanting to live in the mountains, Brian ventured to Colorado and began working with Jesse in 2010. 


Tim Barbiaux started at Landwise in April 2015. His expert carpentry skills meet the needs of a variety of projects and clients. He designs and builds decks, railings, stairs, fences, pergolas, benches, and more. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in technical theater design and a Master’s of Fine Art in scene design, Tim’s background has prepared him to be no stranger to requests as unique as turning a birdcage into a chandelier. His custom carpentry and welding work brought him to Denver where he built sets at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. 

Outside of work Tim is enthusiastic about exploring mountain trails along Colorado's Front Range. On weekends he can be found hiking for miles with his wife and beagle, one of whom is not well suited to hiking for miles and needs to be carried.